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Introduction of CLCPP

China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy adheres to the principle of “Civil Philanthropy” which promotes charity and improves livelihood, undertakes the responsibility of “Charity in Public” which encourages everyone to participate in charity and devotes to unifying the whole nation as well as foreign charity organizations and people to establish, share and supervise an open charity “quaternity” platform together. 
First, information exchange platform, aiming at constructing one charity information exchange center with public credibility; 
Second, education and training platform, aiming at establishing practical centers for charity course development, skill training and practical talent exchange. 
Third, resource sharing platform, aiming at establishing trustworthy charity program center and social charity enterprise incubator – seeking for appropriate charity programs for the people and organizations who are willing to invest into social enterprises and making donations to charity institutes. 
Fourth, international cooperation platform, aiming at establishing one “two-way” cooperation center with international credibility and influence – constructing formal channels and providing professional services for the world to participate in China’s charity; bridging China and the world and providing technical support for China’s participation into the world’s charity.