Gu Xiulian Former vice Chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
We advocate for public welfare: hunger, poverty, diseases, natural disasters, eco-environment... Whatever social problems which can only be solved through citizens’ undertaking responsibilities and social participation are associated with public welfare. Charity is involved in public welfare; and public welfare embodies a wider sense of charity.

Long Yongtu Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia
  Advocate for the consciousness and notion of public welfare among the masses. Establish new productions for public welfare and living styles. Borrow the systems for the development of public welfare all over the world, exchange with other nations to promote public welfare and cultivate generations of public welfare talents with sense of responsibility and innovative spirit.

Huang Lixin Member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China in Jiangsu Province, municipal Party Secretary in Wuxi
Focus on strengthening social construction, including the construction of public welfare and charity. Enhance government investment. Perfect policies and action. Actively cultivate public welfare and charity organizations and talents. Widely inherit and spread public welfare and charity culture. Promote various kinds of public welfare organizations to conduct operations in an effective, public and transparent manner. Accelerate the construction of public welfare and charity city.

Liu Changle Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO in Phoenix Television
Face the whole world; and establish one influential international exchange platform for public welfare. Base on China; and establish one enforceable civil mechanism for public welfare. Serve society; and establish one trustworthy think tank and information center for public welfare.